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Christmas vacation is over as of tonight at midnight, and tomorrow begins my new assistantship (which is apparently going to be the best job ever) and get my first taste of how my three seminars will go (I have three this semester from 5-7:45pm).  Though I will miss lazing around playing Skyrim (Level 34 Khajit stealth archer, arch-mage, and leader of the Dark Brotherhood) and watching South Park all day, it will be nice to have a goal other than trying to get something like 20,000 gold so I can buy a house in Solitude.

For the sake of mental health, there has to be a balance between work, play, and socializing.  That’s hard to do.  I read a post recently on Facebook about one of the world’s greatest musicians playing incognito in a train station.  Only about 6 people stopped to listen to him (and only for a couple minutes at most), and one ticket to this dude’s concerts cost $100.  It made me think about the things I miss out on everyday because I can’t stop for just one second to appreciate something beautiful.  I’m going to try to do that more. Even if I only take a big ole’ huff of the gardenia growing in my garden.  Memories are one of the few things you can take with you through life.  I remember wondering as a child if I would remember certain instances, places, or feelings–like on the morning of my fifth birthday after I had just woken up and was laying in bed, staring at the ceiling.  I’d rather have a lovely gallery of good memories than regret missing out because I HAD to be 15 minutes early to work.  What could I have seen in those 15 minutes if I had just opened up my eyeballs and tuned in?  Probably a lot.

Lesson learned:  I’ve got goals, which is good.  But getting side-tracked for a few minutes can lead to all sorts of possibilities.