Latest Obsession: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Posted: August 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

Fo’ rlz. I am obsessed with this game. I have a bajillion hours on it, but I’m only level 31. That’s because I like exploring the digital world Bethesda created. As Cartman states continuously on South Park, “I DO WHAT I WANT!” And that’s true of games Bethesda creates. I think that freedom is what makes the game so interesting.

I recently wrote a paper on Skyrim in which I discussed (more briefly than I would have liked) the digital landscape of the game. What I mean by digital landscape isn’t just “Ohhh, look at how gorgeous the mountains are, they’re so… OMGDRAGONSRUNRUNRUNRUN.” Of course, landscape in the sense of painting is indeed a part of the digital landscape, but it also includes characters, too (and yes, dragons are characters, too). Among other elements, NPCs (non-player characters) and the landscape create a believable environment for the open world adventure RPG that makes immersion possible for this particular genre. What’s really interesting is that it’s not necessarily realism in terms of the art that makes it believable. An 8 bit game can be immersive, too. Tetris, for heaven’s sake, can be immersive. So what is it that makes games immersive? I don’t think there’s a definitive answer because people’s enjoyment of games is subjective, but it does have to do with forgetting the world around you and being a character in the game, not just playing one.

But what makes Skyrim so great is that the landscape is gorgeous to look at.  I mean seriously, that aurora at night? Where spriggans hang out? That is art right there. The visual beauty is part of the reason I love that game. Also Jeremy Soule, who composed the sountrack, is a BOSS. Can we all agree on that? I think so. But that’s for another post. For now, I’ll leave  you with this screen shot from IGN:

Damn, is all I have to say.


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